List of products by manufacturer Wazuqu since 1604

The Yamagata foundries would have been born around 960 years ago. Kikuchi Hojudo started in 1604 with the advent of Kihei Osamu, the first generation of the family, as the founder of Yamagata Castle, Yoshiaki Mogami. The know-how of the first to ninth generations Kihei Osamu, the tenth to twelve generations Unosuke, the thirteenth to fourteenth generations Masamasa Kumaharu, are now passed on to the fifteenth generation. He has received numerous awards, including the Grand Prize at the 1926 Universal Expo, the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition, the highest award twice, and the Japan Arts Foundation Award. In addition, the technology for producing Japanese iron pots made from iron and sandy iron since ancient times has been reconstructed with a parent, the Nagano family (now the second generation Nagano Hashi), and the technology has been maintained. steadily today. The modern brand "WAZUQU" of tradition and creativity has won support and praise in Europe and the United States.

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