Ryokucha: Japanese Tea House

Since 2006, Ryokucha is an online store specializing in the sale of tea and teapots of high quality certified "made in Japan".You will find in our shop cast iron teapots and ceramics, all kinds of Japanese teas, tea boxes, cups and tea bowls and all the necessary accessories to live the tea ceremony at home.

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In our eyes, your satisfaction is paramount, that's why we assure you a delivery in 48h by colissimo as well as the guarantee satisfied or refunded.In addition, the company FAMD already has more than 20,000 parcels sent since its creation in 2006, so we have the experience of parcels and make sure that they are perfectly packaged to avoid any breakage during transport.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 02 50 06 18 40 for any question or request for additional information on a particular product.

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Apart from the Matcha of the tea ceremony, Japan produces many green teas whole leaf of high quality, whose preparation requires special precautions.The delicacy of the leaf requires a short infusion time and a lower water temperature as the quality of the tea is great.>

Unlike other green teas produced around the world, Japanese green teas are not prepared according to the traditional Chinese process but undergo a very special roasting, using water vapor. The leaves, instead of being roasted dry, are steamed for a few moments which gives them a shiny appearance and enhances the immediately recognizable iodine notes.

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Les théières

They are born in China in the fourth century BC. They will then be reworked by the Japanese. Today we can find everywhere in Asia.

In addition to the preparation of tea, it is an object of art and decoration that allows you to add an Asian touch to your interior.>

The cast iron teapots are unique pieces. They are generally appreciated for their lightness and fluidity in the tea service. The welds are almost invisible and the colors created by the foundry masters are the only ones in the world to reveal exceptional hues.

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The tea boxes

The tea boxes are ideal for keeping all the aromas of your tea.Tea is a precious and delicate dish of Japanese culture. Moisture, light and heat are factors that can alter the flavor and medicinal power of your tea, so it is important to store it well.

In addition to protecting your tea, our colorful tea boxes will bring a touch of decoration in your kitchen.

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Tea bowls

For the ceramist everything begins with the harvesting of the raw materials: clays, minerals, metal oxides.Then he prepares engobes, sigillated lands, ashes, and glazes.Chawan, teapot, chaïre are shaped by hand by modeling or by turning. Cooking takes place in a wood oven with curly flames, in a charcoal oven or in an anagama oven.

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